We are Christians and we pray and worship, it is the lifeblood of our lives. So we take prayer and worship seriously as the foundations of everything we do.

There are two Church communities represented on this site – that is two buildings with their own services each week both of which are served by the same clergy and other staff members.

We have been living and working together since the 1980’s and there are still subtle differences in the way we do things and the style and atmosphere of our Sunday services, though the texts used, the preaching and approach to God are shared across the two congregations. We like the variety and hope that there is something here for you too. If you do come along and we aren’t your cup of tea that is fine – and don’t be afraid to ask what is available in the area. We know all the local Churches and if you share with us what you are looking for then we can probably point you in the right direction.

St Mary with All Souls, Kilburn

St Mary’s is the larger of our two congregations and has lots of families and a large term time Sunday School. Worship is relatively informal and relaxed. The church is equipped with audio-visual screens and the variety of music is wide because we are not restricted to a single hymn book. So you might get a chorus alongside a traditional hymn and a modern worship song all in the week. We like variety.

We believe worship should be dignified and full of reverence and awe as well as accessible and enjoyable. There is a busy Sunday School in term time and the children join the service for Communion. We pride ourselves on the good behaviour of adults and children alike – making St Mary’s safe and comfortable for all those who worship with us.

Sunday 10.00am – St Mary’s
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St James, West Hampstead

St James is the smaller of our two congregation and is more traditonal and High Church in many ways. Our worship is a little more formal and quieter than St Mary’s , with more space for silence and reflection. Our singing is led by a professional cantor who leads the hymns for us and also sings during Communion and at major festivals we have a professional choir to sing a traditional setting of the Mass. We like it high and smokey.

The congregation now worships in a building that has been entirely renovated and in the week is given over to the local community for the Post Office, and other associated businesses which the parish owns and operates. The Sherriff Centre is a bustling centre of community and full of people all day every day. This makes us unique among the Churches in the country (yes, country) and we are very proud of what has been achieved and offered. None the less St James is still a living Church and that atmosphere is tangible to all who come for the first time, whether to worship, simply light a candle or just to post a letter. Come and see for yourself.

Sunday 11.00am – St James’
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Daily Prayer

We keep the ancient tradition of Daily Prayer – with a short service of prayer at 8.30am at St James and at 6.00pm at St Mary’s each weekday. These last about 20 minutes and you are very welcome to attend.

If you would like to know more about the Christian faith then we run regular courses for people to refresh their knowledge or to learn the basics.

There are also weekday services in each Church and regular special events. Please see the parish pages and our Upcoming Events or contact us to find out more.