Did you know that the Church of England – including this parish – receives no funding from the Government?

As a parish it is our responsibility to raise the funds we need for the mission of the Church. Part of this is achieved through stewardship – that is the amount that we as members of the parish commit as part of our spiritual discipline to share in the overall mission of the parish. Some of our stewardship is offered through our time and talents – while part of our stewardship will be a financial offering.

To ensure that we make the most of your generosity we would like to remind you of the importance of the Gift Aid scheme. If you are a tax payer then under this scheme for every £1 you give to the Church we are able to claim back from the Inland Revenue another 28p – at no extra cost to you. If you are a tax payer please complete a gift aid form.

How you give regularly to our Church can make a big difference – beyond the actual amount you give. The most efficient way to give is by monthly Standing Order. It enables us to plan our budget effectively knowing what money is coming in each month.
It is also tax efficient as we can keep track of the Gift Aid money we can reclaim from the Government at no extra cost to you. We are inviting you to give regularly to your church in this way. It has advantages for you as well—in that you will know you are supporting the ministry here even if you don’t make it to Church every week.

If you hesitating from making your regular giving through a Standing Order because you want to put something in the offering plate when it is presented on a Sunday, we have two suggestions:

  • We will provide you with laminated cards for each service so you can place this on the offering plate, indicating that you are already giving;or
  • If you find it hard to commit to a set amount each month, or are unsure how much you can commit to initially, complete the Standing Order for a smaller amount and this can be combined with the envelope scheme so that you can make additional contributions on the offering plate on those weeks when you want to donate more. This way, we can continue to reclaim the tax on all your giving and plan on receiving a regular income through Standing Order.

Some people have asked how much they should give – and this is a hard question to answer.

Each person’s circumstances will vary and you must make a decision best suited to your personal finances. But the underlying principle should be one of generosity. If each of us gave £5 a week as a minimum we would not have to worry about money again in this Church – and some of us can afford to give much more. Please do think carefully about the level at which you support your Church.

A copy of the the Standing Order and Gift Aid forms can be downloaded from here.

St James Gift Aid and Standing Order Form

St Mary with All Souls Gift_Aid and Standing Order Form

If you want to talk about any issues raised by what you read please don’t hesitate to speak to the Vicar or one of the wardens.