St James’

St James Church is possibly one of the most unusual Churches you will ever attend. Within our building we host not only the local Post Office, a cafe and a stationery shop but a large and very popular children’s play centre.  If you would like to know more about the work of The Sherriff Centre please do visit here.

On a Sunday morning we gather for worship and our style is traditional and reflective and our preaching progressive and consciously inclusive. We believe that we are all welcomed by God, and we respond to God’s invitation with prayer, worship and by our service of each other in the community in which we live.

Music and liturgy are important to the way we worship, and we set a high priority on our social life and welcoming new members to our community.

Regular Services

Every Sunday at 11.00 am
Sung Parish Mass (Holy Communion)

Coffee and refreshments are served after Sunday Mass. There is also a Parish Lunch on the first Sunday of the month after Mass for a small charge

Thursday at 8:30am (9.00am in August!)
Said Mass (Holy Communion)

A short said service that lasts about 25 minutes and is followed by tea in our cafe.

A short service of Morning Prayer takes place every weekday in the Lady Chapel at 8.30am (9.00am in August, it is holiday season and even the Vicar needs a lie in now and then)   Please do join us if you are in the area and would like to do so. Morning Prayer lasts just 20 minutes.