St Mary’s

St Mary’s is home to our larger congregation with a lot of families and offers a more informal worship style than St James and has a large and vibrant Sunday School. We use interactive media to enhance our worship and assist our diverse community to learn more about our faith. Clear guidance is given about what to do and when, when to stand or sit and so on so that even if you are new to worship you will not feel uncomfortable or unsure. We strive to make our worship enjoyable and easy to share in with an informal atmosphere and a good range of modern and traditional hymns and full programme of Holy Days and festivals to help us explore our faith.

Regular Services

Sunday 10.00am
Sung Mass & Sunday Schools (in term time)

Monday 7.00pm
Said Mass

Wednesday 10.30am
Said Mass – followed by coffee in the Parish Room

Saturday 12.00noon
Said Mass

During the week we also meet for Evening Prayer at 6pm in the All Souls Chapel. Evening Prayer is a short said service of psalms and a reading that lasts about 15 minutes.

Sunday School

St Mary’s has a large and very thriving Sunday school with upwards of 40 children in attendance every week. The Sunday School meets in the Hall from 10am and is for children from 2-12. Children must be registered and for those under 5 parents remain with them in the hall. Parents of older children are in Church and all the children return to the main Church for the latter part of the service.

We admit children to Holy Communion at age 6 (Year 3) so you will see many of our children taking Communion every week. There is more information about this here if you would like to know more.

Please note that St Mary’s is an open and inclusive congregation that meets in a public space and not a private space such as a school. Your children are your responsibility at all times. Please keep an eye on them, do not allow them to go to the toilets unaccompanied, or to leave the building without your knowledge and permission. Always be aware of your children and their safety.