Sunday School

At St Mary’s we provide a range of worship experiences to suit different ages.

Sunday school is important to our community life and a big part of our ministry. Upwards of 40 children attend every week and we have more than 120 who attend on a regular basis across a term.

We take seriously the Christian formation of our young people in our faith.

An overview and guide to expectations can be viewed through this link: Guide for Parents on Expectations 2013

At St Mary’s the Sunday school meets in the hall at 10am each Sunday in term time.  For the safety and security of the children we don’t admit after 10.10am, when the doors are closed. We use Seasons of the Spirit as our Sunday school programme and there are three age groups, led by members of staff and a dedicated team of volunteers.

The children and those parents who remain with them join the main act of worship for the Lord’s Prayer and many of our young people receive Communion.

If you are interested in being a Sunday School Teacher you might like to click on this link: Sunday School Teachers Policy 2012-13

We also hope these resource might help families understand what is happening in worship: