Wed Mar 22 | 1pm


We keep a full Holy Week in our parishes, with all the beautiful and moving servcies of the week. This year because of the works at St Mary’s the majority of the services will be at St James but Palm Sunday and Easter Day will be celebrated in both Churches as usual.



St Mary’s gets a makeover

Wed Mar 22 | 1pm


Work has started on a three month programme of works at St Mary’s to beautify our already lovely Church

The last time St Mary’s was decorated was in 1962 and we are completely renovating the Church between March and June. At the same time we will be rewiring and installing new lighting, renovating the shields in the roof (which can’t be seen because they are so dirty!) and giving the old girl a grand old spring clean

We are very excited about the works and delighted to have expert teams from Campbell Smith and CES Electrical working with us. Do keep the workers – Emma and her team and David and his electricians in your prayers.

Sunday worship continues as usual but weekday worship is suspended for the durtation.

Lent and our Lent Appeal

Mon Feb 20 | 5pm

Lent Appeal 2017

Each year Christians spend Lent in prayer, thoughtfulness and attention to the quality of their lives. One of the traditions is also to make a renewed commitment to caring for others. This year we are challenging our congregations to show that care in a practical way.

We support the St Laurence Larder at Christ Church, Willesden Lane. Each week we collect donations of food, warm clothes and toiletries. We also cook twice a week preparing simple pasta dishes on a Monday and Wednesday evenings that are served to hungry people the next day.

Most of the ingredients are donated but we spend about £50 a week on things like cheese, milk and so on.

So we are asking people to pledge to help us raise that money – donating as much or as little as you can afford. We aren’t looking for a one off offering but a pledge to donate a small amount each week or month to help us raise the total across the whole year up until Lent 2018.

If you would like to contribute to this appeal the please do contact us on 020 7624 5434 or or contact us


Prayer Circle for Jan 9th 2017

Thu Jan 05 | 11am

The aim of this email group is to encourage us to grow in  prayerfulness and attentiveness to God.

The wise men

At our nativity play in Church on Christmas Eve we recreated the crib scene, with children from the congregation dressing up and playing the role of the major figures. Two things happened that delighted me. When I asked for someone to offer to play the role of Mary the only child who stood up was a boy! All the girls were busy being angels and he said, quite rightly ‘This is how it used to be in the olden theatre’. I loved that confidence and acceptance that we can each be who we want to be and not have to conform. The other moment was when we were looking for the wise men – and three women put their hands up and offered to be ‘wise women’. Honestly I love this place.

The magi (magicians, kings or wise women – the Bible doesn’t actually give their gender) of the biblical narrative are important because they represent the first non-Jewish people to seek, find and worship the new born Son of God. We celebrated their arrival on Sunday. The Son of God is revealed not simply to those who expected Him – the Chosen People – but also to those who searched for Him from other lands and peoples. In tradition this is a reminder that God sent His Son for all the world not just a select few, for us the Epiphany is a sign that when we are cosy and enjoying what we think it ours, God is capable of surprising us as Herod was surprised by the arrival from the East of the Magi and as Mary and Joseph were undoubtedly surprised by the arrival of the same people on their stable doorstep. The nativity scene isn’t simply one of domestic warmth, comfort and family tenderness – the arrival of these strange foreigners adds a note of disturbance and even a reminder of the danger of the outside world, even if our familiarity with the story has dulled that awareness. The Magi remind us that God is constantly challenging our boundaries, seeking to draw into the circle of His light and grace people who surprise us and may even disturb us, but also bless us with their gifts and become part of the story with us.

In your prayers this week think about the year that has started. Who or what is standing on the threshold for you, and what do they promise of show about the way forward for your faith in the year ahead?

Sit comfortably again.

  • Simply breathe and wait,
  • As you relax, consciously offer the moment to God.
  • Remember that God is not some distant being that we must reach out to find.
  • God is the foundation of all that we are and lives in the very heart of our being. Let your mind reach down and in to where God is, at our very core. Prayer is not an escape from self, but a deeper entering into the mystery of being ourselves as God knows us.
  • Rely on the Spirit of God who lives in your heart to guide you into prayer
  • Remember the Magi, who stood on the threshold. Imagine the scene and try to catch Mary and Joseph’s emotional response to this strange arrival
  • Now, think about who or what stands before you causing you similar feelings. Might they be a sign of God’s work in your life and world. What is the response God is asking?

Finish your prayer with the Lord’s Prayer with your eyes open and your heart lifted up in praise.

Do let me know how your time of prayer goes this week, it would be lovely to know how your find prayer, what you learnt, and do share any prayer requests that you have so that we can hold each other in prayer in the coming days. Let me know what you did to cultivate a generous soul and how you found the task of being who you already are in God.

With best wishes

Fr Andrew

Weekly Prayer Email

Mon Dec 19 | 3pm

Each week Fr Andrew writes a short email on prayer to the parishes and it is reproduced here.

Prayer Email for the 19th December 2016. Advent 4

The aim of this email group is to encourage us to grow in prayerfulness and attentiveness to God.

The Virgin Mary

I know that some members of the Church here think that I bang on about Mary rather a lot for a Church of England Vicar. And I do, and I am not ashamed of it at all! Mary doesn’t belong to the Roman Catholics nor is she some plaster saint, all blue veil and misty eyes. I have always understood her to be something rather more down to earth, and altogether more encouraging. Mary is the first – the first to hear of God’s plan to be one of us in Jesus Christ; the first to see Him when he was born; the first to love Him and to hold Him as her child. She watched, taught, and learnt from Him, she sat alongside Him at His first miracle in John’s Gospel (a prize to the first person who emails me with the answer to what that miracle was..) and she stood beside Him on the Cross. She knew joy, love, pride and grief. So, no, not a plaster saint – but very much a woman who lived a real, human life with all its grief and all its joys.

On the final Sunday of Advent we remember Mary and her role in the story of our salvation, and that without her human, ordinary and willing co-operation none of God’s plans would have been possible. I think she tells us something really important – that God chooses to honour us by working in and through our lives and with our co-operation to change the world for ever. Mary, I think, shows us that so clearly and that is why I honour her, and think we should all honour her. She is, if you like, us – and God doesn’t override us but trusts us enough to work in and through us, as God did with her.

Think about that for a moment as we get ready to celebrate the birth of God in our human lives. The Creator, the First and Last, the Almighty, All Powerful, the Might Lord – God waits on the ‘yes’ of a young girl to be His Mother – and still God waits for our yes, our willingness to share our life with God. That is, I think a truly awesome and wonderful thing. God waits on us, expectant and respectful of us and our lives – and we have the choice to respond.

Mary did – and we still celebrate that choice today. In your prayers today listen to what God is asking you to do for God today – and in the silence, if you can, breathe out your ‘yes’.

Sit comfortably again.

·         Simply breathe and wait,

·         As you relax, consciously offer the moment to God.

·         Remember that God is not some distant being that we must reach out to find.

·         God is the foundation of all that we are and lives in the very heart of our being. Let your mind reach down and in to where God is, at our very core. Prayer is not an escape from self, but a deeper entering into the mystery of being ourselves as God knows us.

·         Rely on the Spirit of God who lives in your heart to guide you into prayer

·         Think of Mary – and her response to God – and consider the respect God shows in waiting on her and trusting her to respond

·         Take time to consider God’s trust, patience and love and wonder what God is asking of you.

·         If you can say ‘yes’. If you can’t today – remember the patient love of God. Tomorrow is another day

Finish your prayer with the Lord’s Prayer with your eyes open and your heart lifted up in praise.

Do let me know how your time of prayer goes this week, it would be lovely to know how your find prayer, what you learnt, and do share any prayer requests that you have so that we can hold each other in prayer in the coming days. Let me know what you did to cultivate a generous soul and how you found the task of being who you already are in God.

With best wishes


Fr Andrew

Wising you a happy Christmas and every blessing in the New Year

Wed Dec 14 | 2pm

As we approach Christmas and the celebrations we just want to wish you, and all you care about, a very happy Christmas and every blessing for the New Year.

2016 has been – to quote the Queen – an annus horribilis.

Here at St James and St Mary’s we are proud to stand tall and defiantly for inclusion, liberal generosity and the care for each other. We reject division and those who would seek to make us hate each other and suspicious of those who are different. So we pray too for the peddlers of division and fear that their hearts may be warmed by love and their eyes opened.

Birthday Girl

Thu Sep 08 | 8am

Congratulations to Beryl who celebrated her birthday on Monday beryl

St Laurence Larder Cooking Team

Thu Sep 01 | 9am

Members of our St Laurence Larder Cooking team were treated to seeing Jesus Christ Super Star recently as a thank you for their faithfulness and hard work.  A great time was had by all.  If you would like to join the team please contact Fr Andrew.




Food for the hungry

Tue Aug 16 | 9am

We support the local Food Bank. Please simply add a tin to your weekly shop for those in hunger.  Your donations can brought to either of our churches or you can leave them in the collection area in Sainsbury’s, Kilburn High Road.

IMG_2479 (3)

St James Patronal Festival 24th July

Wed Jul 27 | 9am

The St James Patronal Festival was a beautiful Mass and we were delighted that Canon Mark Oakley from St Paul’s Cathedral was able to join us as our guest preacher.  Please click on the attached link to read his sermon.

St James’ Day Sermon


Cooking for the soup kitchen

Wed Jul 06 | 10am

DSC00752We have been collecting food for our local soup kitchen, St Laurence’s larder, for a few months now – and it has been a great success! Lots of food have been brought in and we are very thankful for every little bit.

Recently, people from both St James and St Mary’s have been meeting on Monday evenings to cook for St Laurence’s Larder. They are feeding a lot of people every week and this is another fantastic opportunity to support them.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in please contact us.

London Calling: Young Women

Mon Jul 04 | 8am

The organisation Diocese of London is hosting an event for young women exploring vocation and their place in the Church.

If this got you interested do visit the event website. The event is promoted by the fantastic organisation Women and the Church (WATCH). Here is a link to their current newsletter.

Fr Andrew’s 25th Priesthood Anniversary

Thu Jun 30 | 2pm

It’s Fr Andrews 25th Anniversary as a priest today! People from the congregation surprised him at today’s morning mass with music, wine and a few presents. See some pictures below:

Nappy Drive Project

Wed Jun 22 | 1pm

Over the last few weeks we took part in the Nappy Drive Project in the wake of Society Sunday on June 12th. The nappies are collected to support refugees in Calais.

Thank you to everyone who brought in nappies – as you can see it has been quite successful:












You can still bring in nappies this week, so be generous! Thank you.

Standing alongside the people of Orlando pt. 2

Thu Jun 16 | 11am

And here is a wonderful prayer by Rachel Mann:

Passionate God, Fierce Indwelling Love,

whose hunger for peace and justice

extends through the heights and depths of Creation.


We cry out for peace and respect in a violent world,

we commit ourselves to unconditional love.

We stand in furious solidarity with queer people

in Orlando and around the world,

and ask, ‘How Long, O Lord?’


O Fierce Indwelling Love,

may your passion for justice, mercy and love

make us unafraid of the other within,

and joyous in our celebration of your Rainbow People.


Through the One whose Love

Knows no limit, whose mercy is unbound, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Rachel Mann  12.06.2016

Standing alongside the people of Orlando

Thu Jun 16 | 11am

The following comment is by Tracy Byrne, the Chief Executive of Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement. It sums up what we probably all are thinking right now so we decided to put it up on our website. Do visit their website:

Prayer, solidarity, and pride: standing together after Orlando

The days and nights since the terrible events in Orlando in the early hours of Sunday morning have been extraordinary.  Whilst our church leaders’ responses have been, almost universally, grudging and inadequate, failing in some cases even to acknowledge that this was an attack which deliberately targeted LGBT people, in what should have been their safe space, the response of ordinary people has been quite extraordinary.

Up and down the country, in our major cities and in our market towns, a spontaneous wave of love, compassion, ritual and remembrance has held people together and enabled them to express themselves in powerful, beautiful, hope-filled and authentic ways.  In vigils and gatherings large and small, sometimes in places of worship, but often on street corners, in the market places Jesus would recognise, people have come together and somehow, instinctively, known what do do.  These are dark days, but these images and your accounts of them on social media and as people contact the LGCM office, fill me with hope.

Those of us who profess the Christian faith would recognise in all of this the movement of the Spirit, the first stirrings of resurrection.  

Our challenge now is to continue to stand together, to face up to and embrace what this is telling us about our world and about our church, and to organise for the road ahead.  All these things will be very much on the minds of the LGCM trustees as we meet on Saturday, and I would very much appreciate you holding us in your prayers.

I also want to tell you about some very practical things for the next couple of weeks.

It is inevitable that many more people than usual will want to come along to Pride marches and events to show their solidarity.  London Pride takes place on Saturday 25 June and if you’d like to come along, Christians Together at Pride would be delighted to see you.  However, there are some very important changes this year, and you need to read this announcement from CTAP before you make your plans, so you know exactly what to expect and where to head for.

The Pride Communion service will take place at Bloomsbury Baptist Church at 5.30pm, and we’re thrilled and delighted that Rev. Kate Bottley will be preaching.  Christian Aid will be leading prayers, which will be an occasion for remembrance of those who lost their lives in Orlando.  Bloomsbury is a huge church with plenty of room for everyone, so please do try to get along if you’re in London, whatever your plans for the march itself.

If you can’t get to London, then there are two opportunities to join Pride events this Saturday (18th).  Portsmouth LGCM will be at Portsmouth Pride, and would love to see you.  And Coventry Pride takes place too.  The march sets off from the cathedral, a powerful symbol of hope and reconciliation, at 11am, assemble from 10.30am, and look out for members of the cathedral chapter who will be marching in solidarity.

As an added incentive, the Herbert gallery, adjacent to Coventry cathedral, is currently showing Grayson Perry’s Walthamstow tapestries alongside Graham Sutherland’s sketches and drawings for his Christ in Glory tapestry which hangs in the cathedral.  There’s certainly a powerful message in those images and I’d encourage you to drop in if you can get to Coventry before the end of the month.

Do please think about making the extra effort to get along to your local Pride event this year – here’s a list.   London Pride is always an extraordinary experience – but I’m sometimes tempted to ask how it feels to be 19 and gay and scared in King’s Lynn, or Morecambe, or Fishguard or Worksop.  That can be a very different experience.  LGCM members are uniquely placed to make a difference in these places;  do think about finding out and going along, and if you need any support or resources, contact us at the office.

These have been difficult days but as angry, and hurting, and dismayed as we are, we will not be overcome because we know that love, always, eventually wins.  

Thy Kingdom Come – Nine Days of Prayer

Thu Apr 28 | 2pm

Jesus calls every person to follow him.  As Christians it is our duty and joy to share that invitation.  That’s why the Archbisday6andcoverhops of Canterbury and York are inviting every parish in England to join a week of prayer this Pentecost, from 5—15th May— to pray for every Christian to receive new confidence and joy in sharing our life-transforming faith.

The Archbishops have said:

“At the heart of our prayers will be words that Jesus himself taught us—”Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”.  It is impossible to overstate the life-transforming power of the Lord’s Prayer.  It is a prayer that is reassuring enough to be on the lips of the dying and yet dangerous enough to be banned in cinemas.  It is famous enough to be spoken each day by billions in hundreds of languages and yet intimate enough to draw us ever closer into friendship with Jesus Christ.  It is simple enough to be memorised by small children and yet profound enough to sustain a whole lifetime of prayer.  When we pray it with sincerity and with joy, there is no imagining the new ways in which God can use us to his glory.

Ss Mary and James will be wholeheartedly embracing this wonderful initiative. If you would like to take part please sign the form at the back of church.

We are able provide you with a prayer booklet to guide your prayers each day for a small charge of £3 to cover the cost of printing or alternatively we can e-mail you a copy free of charge if you provide your e-mail address.

Little Stars

Mon Apr 18 | 1pm

A new weekly children’s service

A playful and fun introduction to church for babies, toddlers and their parents/carers. There will be songs, prayers, stories and some playtime at the end of the service.

The first edition of our Little Stars will take place on this Thursday April 21 at 9.30am and from then every week during term time.

Maureen, our new family worker is leading the group and Elias is helping her. If you have any questions please contact us and have a look at the posters provided in both churches and the Sherriff Centre.



Palm Sunday

Sun Mar 20 | 2pm

We had a beautiful procession and service today, good start into Holy Week! We’re looking forward to welcome all of you to our many services this week.

Second Pensioner’s Tea

Fri Mar 04 | 3pm

We had a lovely time again at our second Pensioner’s Tea; this time it was enhanced by a quiz and a good game of bingo. We’re looking forward to the next one!

Pensioner’s Tea photos

Tue Feb 02 | 10am

From now on we are having a Pensioner’s Tea at St James’ once a month. The first one took place on Tuesday January 26 and everyone had a lovely time enjoying homemade cakes, scones and good conversations.

If you want to bake a cake or just want to be there and talk to lovely people while sipping some tea just get in contact with Fr Andrew or Will.

Here are some impressions from last week’s tea:

Lent is coming – what does Lent mean and why do we fast?

Mon Jan 11 | 11am

Lent is close, so what is it all about?

Lent, the 40 days before Holy Week and Easter, starts on Ash Wednesday which this year falls on Wednesday 10th February. There are special services to mark the start of Lent, which are advertised here.

Often we can be encouraged to think that the season of Lent is all about people giving up their favourite treats, from sugar through chocolate to alcohol; though with the usual fortifying thought that in doing so we will lose some weight and get a little healthier.  For some of us it is also associated with often rather dreary Lent Groups and study, additional services and soul searching.

Neither approach really does justice to the wonderful opportunity of the 40 days that run from Ash Wednesday to Easter Eve

 So what is it really all about?

Over the last 2000 years, three main elements have gone into the making of Lent. They are:

 Preparation for Easter Baptism. The early Church (especially in Jerusalem, 4th century) came to use the forty days building up to Easter as a time to prepare their new converts for Baptism. For these converts, Lent was a time of great and joyful anticipation.

Time for forgiveness and reconciliation with the Church. Since early times, Lent has also been used a time when those who fallen away from the Church were prepared for re-admission to Holy Communion and full active membership. This often involved confession and penance and in the process forgiveness and restoration brought a deep sense of peace and security.

 A fast in preparation for Holy Week and Easter. This, too, has been popular since earliest times, and normally meant giving up food or some food until the evening of each day. The point was not to punish oneself, but to abstain, in order to both focus the mind in prayer to God, and to appreciate the real value (if any) of what one was depriving oneself. The value of the food uneaten was often offered as a gift to the poor or the Church.

Lent is a time for personal growth and flourishing, for deepening faith and appreciating the good God whom we worship and our place in the love of our creator. In our parishes we will be celebrating Lent and there are lots of way to make the most of the Season. If you would like to know more then please do come along or be in touch.

(This article was published last year in preparation for Lent, but it still mentions all the things that we think are important about it, so we decided to just put it up again this year.)


Pictures from our Crib Service

Mon Jan 04 | 6pm

School Christmas Service

Fri Dec 18 | 11am

Our school celebrated Christmas with a lovely mix of service and concert in the Church. The kids did a great job reading and singing.

Christmas Lunch at St James’

Tue Dec 15 | 10am

Thank you to the cooks and all who helped making this possible. We had a proper Christmas lunch, turkey, pudding, crackers and everything that belongs there. It gave everyone a little feeling of Christmas before it actually happened.

Strictly Christmas!

Tue Dec 15 | 9am

We had our lovely Christmas Concert on Friday in support of the Camden Night Shelter. It was great to have so many members of the community join us to celebrate this most wonderful time of the year!

Thank you to Will, Sofia and the University of London Choir for singing and to Chris and his dancers. And thank you to all who attended and made this such a wonderful evening.

Here are some impressions from the great time we had afterwards with mulled wine and mince pies.

IMG_1974 IMG_1973

Cooking at the Shelter

Wed Dec 02 | 1pm

Some members of St James’ were doing the cooking last night at the shelter in the Methodist Church King’s Cross. The shelter is organised by the C4WS Homeless Project, who provide shelter in different churches and support their guests to find a home and a job. We are going to continue our engagement in the new year, if you have got any questions or would like to help do not hesitate to ask a member of the clergy.


Decorating St James’

Tue Dec 01 | 3pm

Advent has begun, Christmas is approaching and we are preparing St James’ for this special time; you won’t recognise it! Lights all over the place, reindeers on the Post Office and sometimes you can even spot the vicar up there! Here’s some proof:


Trip to Crews Hill

Mon Nov 30 | 11am

A few pictures from our annual trip to the garden centres at Crews Hill. It was a wonderful day!

IMG-20151127-WA0002 IMG-20151127-WA0000IMG-20151127-WA0001

Photos from last Sunday’s community action

Tue Nov 17 | 2pm


Tue Oct 20 | 2pm

New question on the board!

There’s a new question on our wonderful board in St James. After thinking about Who We Are (which we will continue to do) we would like you to help us finding out How God is calling us to build on our mission to Offer God’s Love to All.

We would like to warmly invite everyone to contribute and to help us building this Church.

Afro-Caribbean Celebration

Tue Oct 20 | 2pm

Here are some pictures of the party last Saturday. Thank you to everyone who was there – we had a wonderful time. And special thanks to everyone who brought food – it was delicious.

image3 image2

Thank you!

Mon Oct 12 | 9am

Over the last few weeks we collected food for the Brent Foodbank, because they are running out of food. Thank you to everyone who brought something!

We will continue to collect food and are grateful for everything which is brought, tinned food and anything that doesn’t expire fast.

Here are some pictures:








Barn Dance

Wed Oct 07 | 10am

Thank you to everyone who was there! It was a wonderful evening full of laughter, food and, of course, dancing. For those who weren’t there, here is what you missed:

Who do we say that we are?

Tue Oct 06 | 1pm

Some mJpegight have noticed it, there is a new, blue and beautiful noticeboard standing in the front of St James. It is the first part of a process we are in right now – and until November it is all about finding out who we are, what we are doing right now and how (or if) all that matters to you.

We focus on three questions:

1. What makes this church special to you?
2. How do you fell that we currently serve our community?
3. Name one thing that is very important to you in your spiritual life.

The board will, as mentioned before, stay up until November, so you have got the chance to post something on there. We would like as many answers as possible!

Everyone is welcome to respond to this questions, not just members of the congregation.


Photos from Pet Blessing Service

Tue Oct 06 | 12pm

We had our very special Pet Blessing Service last Sunday – and it was wonderful! A lot of new people, good atmosphere and a beagle howling along to the hymns. Here are some pictures to give you a glimpse of what happened:

IMG_1686 IMG_1688


A big thank you to everyone who attended this service and to those who made it possible!

Harvest Thanksgiving Service in Boundary Road

Tue Sep 29 | 12pm

The weather is beautiful right now, we have got what they Jpegcall an Indian Summer in London – but it is Autumn nevertheless. And Autumn is traditionally the time of the Harvest Festival, where we give thanks to God for everything we have, especially for our food.

This is celebrated everywhere; we went to the St Johns Wood Care Centre this morning to celebrate Harvest Festival. We had a lovely time talking to everyone and having a short service with a few hymns.

Year 4, 5 & 6 Sponsored Event @ Paddington Park

Sun Sep 27 | 11am

There was a Sports Fundraiser yesterday taking place in Paddington Park. We enjoyed the fabulous weather running, exercising and climbing, as you can see below. Almeira and Maureiss did a fantastic job, but Nancy was the one who left us all behind, running the most laps.

Though their were not as many participants as we might have hoped it was a very nice day out in the sun.


photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

German clergy visiting St James

Thu Sep 24 | 6pm

The Germans are coming!

This afternoJpegon we had a group of German clergy visiting St James. They are from central Berlin and thus were looking at different concepts for inner-city churches. St James with its unique concept was a obviouschoice. They were impressed and very interested in everything we do in there. Father Andrew did a little talk and they chatted to everyone around over coffee (they didn’t drink any tea…) and biscuits.



Reckless – a visit to the Rose Theatre

Thu Sep 24 | 12pm

Experiencing London’s history in an uncommon way

CAM00322Yesterday, some members of St Mary’s and St James went to support another member; Blake starred in the play “Relentless”, which was about an old man, who acted overprotective towards his son. Of course, Blake starred as the old man. The play took place in the Rose Theatre, which is just next to the Globe. It is an archaeological site, in which you can see the remains of this Tudor Theatre. Currently, volunteers are trying to revive the spirit that once filled this place. It is a very interesting project and definitely an impressive setting for a play.

Do visit the project’s website to find out more about it:

Inclusive Church Newsletter – starring Game of Thrones!

Tue Sep 15 | 4pm

We just got the Inclusive Church newsletter and there is a very interesting article in there (called “As I see it…”) which is creating a connection between the role models presented in popular book- and TV-series Game of Thrones and the issues the Church is having accepting and providing them.

Do read it!

After School Club’s starting!

Tue Sep 15 | 3pm

The After School Club starts on Friday 18th September, led by Lisa and Elias. It lasts two hours and the children are picked up at St Mary’s School at 3.30pm. If your child does not visit St Mary’s School, do bring them around to the hall at 3.45pm.

We want to give the children an opportunity to rest from the stress in school and just have a great time being together with others. Still, there will be time for them to do their homework.

It will take place every Monday and Friday and you can pick up your children at the Priory Community Hall at 5.30pm.

The After School Club will cost £1 per session.

Mystery Worshipper

Tue Sep 15 | 3pm

Since 1998, the website SHIP-OF-FOOLS.COM sends out so-called “Mystery Worshippers”, who are volunteers visiting churches all around the world and writing reports on how their visit was like and eventually rate them in different categories.

On Sunday 30th August 2015, such a Mystery Worshipper dropped by St James and we received a positive review, which we want to share with you:


A New Icon for St James

Thu Mar 12 | 10am


St James Church has recently commissioned a new Icon. Made for us by Fr Regan O’Callahan the Icon is of the Archangel Gabriel, messenger of God and Patron of Post Offices!

The Archangel is shown with his right hand raised in blessing and holding a letter in his left, with Post Office red colours. At his feet sit two guardians – Leo and Freddie – the Vicar’s cats!

The new Icon will be blessed for us by Bishop Alan Wilson at our celebrations of St James Day – 26th July.


Bishop Alan Wilson to visit St James for St James Day – 26th July 2015

Thu Mar 12 | 9am


Each year we celebrate our Patron Saint on or close to his Festival Day and this year we are particularly pleased that Bishop Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham, will be joing us to preside and preach at our celebrations and he will bless for us our new Icon of St Gabriel, the Patron Saint of Post Offices.

A brave and honest Bishop he alone has stood against the tide of rejection and negativity in the Church towards LGBTi people and called for the generous love of God to be shown in our Church.

His most recent book – A More Perfect Union is available on Amazon.

We look forward to hearing him and invite you to join us as we celebrate this parish, the inclusive vision of God and our life together.


Holy Week and Easter 2015

Thu Mar 12 | 8am

The Core of the Faith

The most important time of the Christian year is almost upon us. Holy Week and Easter trace the final journey of God in Jesus Christ. In the Passion we see the total commitment of God to us, a commitment that embraces betrayal, suffering and death to demonstrate that there is nothing that can seperate us from the love of God. On the cross the integrity of the message of Christ is proclaimed, in His death the worst we can do to reject Him is accepted, in the Resurrection the triumph of God’s love is demonstrated. God’s strength is shown in human weakness.

As Christians we celebrate this revelation of Divine love and in our lives follow this radical path of discipleship where God’s power is shown not in a human model of strength, power, authority and control but in the expression ‘greater love has no one than to lay down their life for their friends’

We invite you to join us in accepting God’s gentle invitation to learn more of that love in our worship through the coming weeks.

Palm Sunday

In both Churches we re-enact Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem at the start of the last week.

At St Mary’s the Procession starts in the Hall (the garden if the weather is fair) at 10.00am

At St James the Processions starts at the Church Lych Gate o West End Lane at 11.00am

Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday in Holy Week

There will be a Mass in St Mary’s at 7.00pm each evening as we prepare in prayer for the great liturgies of the rest of the week

Maundy Thursday

(St Paul’s Cathedral at 10.30am celebrates the Chrism Mass, at which all the Diocesan Clergy renew their commitment to Christ and to serve His Church. All are welcome to join in this service presided over by the Bishop of London)

The Mass of the Last Supper is celebrated at St Mary’s at 7.30pm, in which we recall the last meal of Jesus with his disciples, His washing of their feet and in a solemn act we strip the Church in silence recalling His betrayal and His abandonment by His closest friends. A vigil of prayer is kept, in response to Christ’s request ‘can you not watch with me for one hour?’ The Vigil lasts from the end of the service till around midnight and people come and go as they have time and energy to pray.

Good Friday

A solemn day of prayer, fasting and silence. There are services in both Churches.

At St Mary’s at 11.00am is a short service for children focusing on the love of God shown to us in Jesus

This is followed at 12noon by a service of music and words and silence lasting about an hour as we think about the journey of Christ to the Cross.

The main Liturgy is at 3.00pm in St James – the Veneration of the Cross.

Holy Saturday

A day of prayerful reflection with no services in Church until the evening – the liturgical start of Sunday and our observances of the Great Festival itself.

At 8.00pm at St James we celebrate the joyful Vigil Mass of Easter.

We hear the story of God’s love for us, celebrate His victory over death and share in that new life through Holy Communion. There will be music, there will be fireworks, there will be champagne and chocolate, there may even be dancing!


The Day of Resurrection!

With Christians throughout the world we rejoice in the triumph of our God.

Sung Festival Mass at St Mary’s at 10,00am
With Admission to Holy Communion and baptisms
Sung Festival Mass at St James at 11.00am
With baptisms

There will be more champagne, an Easter egg hunt for the children and lots of joy!

These are the best days of the year, do make time for them!

Admission to Holy Communion and Confirmation classes

Fri Jan 09 | 12pm

Holy Communion and membership of our Churches

Every year during Lent we prepare children in Years 3 and 4 for Admission to Holy Communion on Easter Day.  The children take a short course which is intended to help them understand the main Sunday service (Mass) and what it means to receive Holy Communion, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

The short, five week, course takes place in School on the following dates:

Thursday 26th February at 3.45pm
Thursday 5th March at 3.45pm
Thursday 12th March at 3.45pm
Thursday 19th March at 3.45pm
Thursday 26th March at 3.45pm

Each class lasts an hour and children are picked up from the school main entrance at 4.50pm.

The Class prepares the children to share in the Eucharist and explores the meaning of our faith in Jesus and how the different parts of the Sunday Service help us to deepen our faith and to grow closer to God.

The children will be taught about prayer and encouraged to pray regularly themselves and to be confident Christians in the modern world.

Admission to Holy Communion is not the same as Confirmation – which takes place when the children are older (around 14).  This Class is to help them begin to grow into a more mature and settled faith and to begin to understand what it is to be Christian.

If you are interested in learning more about the course then please be in touch. Children taking part in the course must attend the Sunday Service at St Mary’s throughout Lent (February- April) as part of the course and there is a short meeting for parents and children about the course on Sunday  1st February after the Mass to learn more.



Advent Carol Service at St Mary’s – November 30th

Sat Nov 22 | 7pm

Advent is our New Year’s Day
and we are planning to celebrate

Advent is a wonderful time of planning and preparing and getting excited. In the secular world it is all about Christmas, and it is that for us as Christians too, and yet it also has its own rythm and beauty.

That beauty is caught in the music specially written for the Season as we look for the Coming of Christ, not just as the Babe of Bethlehem but as the Lord of the World and our loving Saviour.

We are going to enjoy some of that music, with its sense of longing and hope, on Sunday 30th November at 4.30pm with a wonderful programme of carols and music. At the service we will also hear for the first time our fabulous new organ, donated to St Mary’s by Downing College, Cambridge and only recently installed in St Mary’s

The service is at 4.30pm and will last about an hour and be followed by wine and some refreshments. Please do join us to start the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

Winchester Christmas Market

Parish Trip to Winchester Christmas Market – Dec 6th

Sat Nov 22 | 7pm

A parish outing to the famous Winchester Christmas Fayre

A group of us are off to Winchester on Saturday December 6th to see the fabulous Christmas market and to visit the catherdral.

We are leaving from West Hampstead Underground station at 8.45am to catch the train.

If you would like to come along just let us know and if you want to have lunch in the main group give your name to one of the clergy so we can book a table. The cost of a train ticket is around £30. If you want to visit the Cathedral it is £7.50. Should be a lovely day out!



Fantastic new mural in St Mary’s

Sun May 04 | 3pm

The children of St Mary’s School have worked hard to produce a lovely new mural installed this past week (May 1st ) in St Mary’s. It takes pride of place in our entranceway and will showcase the vibrant and beautiful community of which we are a part here in Kilburn

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